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This modern neighbourhood was established many years ago, but it actually began to take on incredible dimensions in the eighties when many buildings rapidly emerged, a good deal of which were the property of new foreign residents who were pleased with the peace and quiet in the area.

In this locality, visitors can enjoy an incomparable sea breeze, as well as an environment created by nature and others by man's ingenuity who has always been interested, as a human species, in constantly improving his living conditions.

As from the mid nineties, Pal-mar was the target of a huge construction boom and plans for a beautiful residential area to grow stronger began to take shape in 1996.

Construction companies from various European nations were in charge of purchasing different areas in order to erect modern buildings in a short period.

Consequently, the new residents of Pal-mar enjoyed the privilege of living in houses that had been built exclusively using top quality materials and with an excellent finish required by high international modern luxury standards.

This exclusive neighbourhood is under constant change. The whole infrastructure has been carefully planned, from avenues and new roads to the surrounding area which have been designed to achieve the well-being of both citizens and visitors, whose numbers are considerably increasing as people become aware of this modern urban site located nearly 15 minutes from southern Tenerife airport and roughly 10 minutes from Los Cristianos.

The mountain and natural reserve, where new constructions will never be entertained, form a singularly attractive contrast that is almost part of Pal-mar's environment. As this urban area is situated on one end of the island, between the mountain and the reserve, it enjoys a true microclimate and the wind, together with extraordinary peace and a wonderful harbour.

The natural reserve has an area of 315 hectares where there is a variety of plants and animals native to the Canary Islands . This is a highly recommended place to go on an excursion and horse riding along beautiful spots where nature has put its distinctive touch.


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